Our Purpose

Evangelization of the culture to extend the Incarnation of the Word.


The main purpose of the Institute is the dedication to the glory of Christ and His Church. We achieve this through the total consecration of the person in the religious life, “professing public vows and living a fraternal life in common” (Constitutions, 25). The specific end of the Institution is the evangelization of culture and the transformation, with the power of the Gospel, of:

  • Mankind's criteria of judgement
  • Determining values
  • Points of interest
  • Lines of thought
  • Sources of inspiration
  • Models of life

We want to extend the Incarnation of the Word,that is, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to all men, in the whole man, and in all the manifestations of man, according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. We have to face what the Second Vatican Council mentioned in the difference “between the faith which many profess and the practice of their daily lives” (Gaudium et Spes, 43). That difference leads to the de-Christianisation of culture.

The way to infuse the Gospel in today’s culture is to work in its key areas: family, education, dialogue with the thinkers or intellectuals and the media.