A brief story


Foundation and early years

On May 3, 1981, Father Carlos Buela was inspired to found a religious family.
On March 25, 1984 founded the Institute in the diocese of San Rafael, a small dioceses of Argentina, located in Mendoza Province, very close to the Andes.
In 1985 he founded the Villa of Luján, future mother house of the Congregation, and Monsignor Leon Kruk approved the experience of community life as a Public Association of the Faithful.
Little at a time, the Institute expanded beyond the limits of the diocese of San Rafael. In 1987, the Institute founded the first mission in Peru. In 1989 the IVE reached the United States of America, in New York City. A few days later some priests came to Rome to complete their studies at Pontifical Universities.
In 1987, the Junior Seminary was officially founded. In 1988, the male Novitiate, the feminine branch and the masculine contemplative branch were founded. That same year, the IVE opened the first General Chapter. The second Chapter was celebrated in 1989.
In 1992, the Institute opened its houses in Russia, Israel and Egypt. In 1993 in Taiwan, and in 1994 in Ukraine and Brazil.

Canonical Process

In 1994 the fourth General Chapter was celebrated: St. John Paul II was proclaimed Father of the Institute, the Constitutions were officially approved and submitted to the authority of the Church and wondered the canonical erection as a Religious Institute.
From 1995 to 2001 the Holy See encharged three papal commissioners to accompany the Institute. In those years, the Holy See itself showed its confidence by entrusting a Missio sui iuris for the foundation of the Church in Tajikistan, a gesture never done before with a Public Association of the Faithful as the Incarnate Word was then.
In 2001 John Paul II decided to move the General House in the Diocese of Velletri-Segni, suburbicarian of Rome and to organize a General Chapter.
In 2004, Mons. Andrea Maria Erba erected the Institute as a Religious Institute of Diocesan right. This happened on May 8, feast of the Virgin of Lujan, which will be proclaimed Patroness of the Institute.


The transfer of the General House in Italy favored a considerable expansion: the founding of the Major Seminary "San Vitaliano Papa", the Junior Seminary "San Giovanni XXIII", the Centre for Advanced Studies "San Bruno di Segni", the Editions of the Incarnate Word, the Cultural Project Cornelio Fabro. Some priests and nuns became professors in the Pontifical Universities: Angelicum, Urbanian, European University of Rome, Lateran. The same has occurred in other religious provinces with publications, cooperation with study centers, academies, diocesan seminaries. The foundation of the Seminary in the Philippines has a particular importance, as well as the Monastic House of Formation in El Pueyo (Spain) and the cooperation agreement with the Gustav Siwert Academy (Germany). New parishes and apostolates were entrusted to the Religious Family: in Palermo, in Tarquinia, Trivento, in Canneto, in Ravenna, in Asti, in Morolo (Italy); in Brooklin, San Jose, in Bridgetown, in New York, in Washington, in Phoenix, in Ohio, in Mankato, Chicago, Philadelphia, the Bronx (USA); San Bernardo in Chile; La Plata in Argentina; Lotward in Kenya; Mucachevo in Ukraine; Reykjavik in Iceland; Omsk in Siberia; in Ulyanovsk, in Khabarovsk, (Russia); in Rumbek in Sudan; in Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt); Sepphoris in Israel; in Shymkent in Kazakhstan; in La Marsa, Tunisia; Le Luc-en-Provence, France; Killmyshall in Ireland; Manresa in Spain; in Manila in the Philippines; Athens in Greece; Nuuk in Greenland; Baghdad in Iraq; in Oruro in Bolivia; in Alkmaar in the Netherlands; in Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

A gift of 30 new "tabernacles"

In 2009 father Carlos Buela offered to Our Lady - imitating the gesture of Mother Teresa of Calcutta - 30 new "tabernacles" (foundations) for the 25th anniversary of the foundation, and 30 others belonging to the feminine branch, trying to satisfy more than 300 requests of help from bishops all around the world. Thanks to the generosity of all, in less than 2 years 60 foundations were completed and we still work in our commitments.Some of the most relevant: the Gaza Strip, Aleppo in Syria, Madaba in Jordan, Odessa in the Ukraine, Pumpenai in Lithuania, Beit Jala in Palestine, Lipa in the Philippines, El Fayum in Egypt, Peterborough in Canada, Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, Kallmet in Albania, Dallas and Venice in USA, Granada in Spain, Paphos in Cyprus, Ushetu in Tanzania, Merida in Mexico, Berlin, Lyon, and other foundation in places where the Religious Family was still present.
Although "the harvest is great and the laborers are few", and despite the fact that some priests have abandoned us to follow the diocesan life or even abandoned the ministry, the grace of God and the generosity of the religious has kept almost all the foundations up, and other have opened recently: Formentera in Spain, Wufeng in Taiwan, Genua (Italy), and Scotland.

Year of mercy, years of mercy

On the 6th May 2010 in the sanctuary of "Our Lady of the Mountain" managed by IVE in Anjara (Jordania) a religious of the Incarnate Word and others saw the statue of the Virgin crying. Extensive testing in a nearby hospital confirmed that tears appeared on the statue were human blood. In front of this extraordinary event, religious leaders and people of faith, but also Muslims, who visit the sanctuary in great number, remembered that in the past other images had wept blood announcing times of suffering and persecution. In fact, just after there was an increase of hostilities throughout the Middle East. Despite wars and cruel persecutions our religious continue into danger, they don't want to leave the Christian faithful who suffer persecutions in m any places. Fathers and sisters of the IVE remain in the only Catholic parish in the Gaza Strip and have endured several bombings and destruction. For years we worked hard in Baghdad and we have recently started the help in the Chaldean seminary in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. For years we worked tirelessly in Tunisia. In the City of Aleppo in Syria in the middle of a war and destruction and death, intensified in recent months, fathers and nuns remain in the middle of a martyr people. Pope Francis has repeatedly received and even called in first person our religious missionaries and encouraged the laity to bear witness of mercy and fidelity. "Little or nothing we are interested to go in many countries and have many members, if we lose the spirit. Only the Catholic Church, in the person of Peter and his successors promises infallibility and indefectibility. We will not lose the spirit as long as we remain faithful to it and observe the will and intentions of the founder in all that makes the spiritual heritage of the Institute "(Constitutions 35).

VII Chapter General

On the 1st July 2016 the General Chapter will be celebrated, and ceasing the current government, for 24 days the Institute will be in the hands of an assembly of 64 fathers from around the world, to trace the outline for the next 6 years. It will be a visible sign of the love that is the end of religious life, charity reigning in our communities and that becomes visible in these meetings, as Father Carlos Buela said during the Chapter of 1994:
"It must be a real sign, beliavable, reliable and convincing. About what? the unity of every member in charity. This is, to say so, the most important thing of the General Chapter.
Beyond the election of the authorities; beyond the legislative discussion, that is, the laws we know we have to give; beyond the study of a better distribution of the members for the major glory of God and good of the souls ... Beyond all of this, as important it could be, there is the sign of being united in charity. The charity that, for our religious profession, we want to live totally, in its maximum perfection"

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